The Future of Nemo

Hey guys, Jonasion here. First of all, thank you for sticking with us for almost two years at this point. It is your excited comments, suggestions (and memes) that truly fuel this passion project of ours. Your feedback also makes it hurt more to not see the app progress much this year. I’m here to tell you what’s next for Nemo.

How Amateur Tournaments Kickstart Professional League of Legends Careers

The League of Legends tournament hierarchy at this point is rather developed. You qualify for Worlds or Mid-Season Invitational by performing well in the elite leagues. If you’re not at that level yet, you can play in academy leagues or (here in Europe) compete in a smaller regional league. But how do you put yourself on the radar? Simple: amateur tournaments.

5 Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Gaming

There are many ways to improve your mental health during the ongoing pandemic and beyond. The conventional advice would be to go outside and take a walk in your neighborhood or get in the mindset of preparing healthy meals daily. Others preach hiking, reading, or any other hobby as a way to get some peace of mind. We at Nemo never needed an excuse to play our video games, but it can also benefit your mental health.

League of Legends Patch Notes — Patch 11.5 Preview (Seraphine and Udyr Nerfs)

Patch 11.5 comes after Season 11 darlings that kept avoiding the nerf hammer, which include Seraphine, Udyr, and Support Shaco. The devs have also given a bit of power back to Samira.

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