5 Hidden Gems: What happens when I Dodge League of Legends

League of Legends developers have recently announced their plans to increase dodge penalties, but the community seemingly changed the developers’ minds. Indeed, dodging is a very powerful and disruptive tool to improve your SoloQ experience. Below are just some reasons why.

League of Legends Patch 10.8 Patch Notes — (Jungle Changes, Varus Nerf, Evelynn Buff)

Patch 10.8 is actually a week away, but we already have a breakdown of what’s coming from Riot Games. Here are the planned changes.

15+ Unexpected Settings for LoL Pro Players use

These settings have no hardware requirements replicate Settings for LoL that Pro Players use. Although LoL is no CS:GO, there are still a few key settings to im

How to get a Clash ticket: 6 easy ways to Get a Clash Ticket

It sounds like you will need a lot of Clash tickets—so here’s a breakdown. With the coronavirus outbreak forcing most casuals and even esports athletes to self-isolate, Riot Games are doubling down on Clash.

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