Nemo uses data from thousands of matches to
suggest a perfect match
Jinx with Xerath? Ashe with Fiddlesticks? Our app has seen it all and knows which combo
will actually work (the first one). Oh, and did we mention Vayne with Swain?

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AI–backed and real–time Synergy Options!

  • We provide synergy recommendations to assist any ally
  • You can pair up with an outstanding player or boost the champion playing a meta-favored role
  • Synergy options are calculated the moment your mate indicates their pick (before or after bans)

Intoxicating Builds!

Try a Custom Teemo build perhaps!


Grasp of the Undying:
periodical healing makes augments Teemos poke and trading abilities with the added sustain.

In combination with Grasp of the Undying gives Teemo permanent health bonuses making him even tankier.

Taste of Blood:
and Ravenous Hunter are what enables Temoo to come out on top in trades with their permanent scaling lifesteal that scales both with attack damage and ability power.

Item Build


Lethal’s Tempo:
periodical healing augments Teemo’s poke and trading abilities with the added sustain when dealing and receiving damage. Whenever you are hit or are dealing damage, this rune deals flat % max health and heals for a flat of % max health.

Legend: Alacrity:
Gives On-hit Teemo the needed attack speed boost with every takedown, making him an even bigger menace to trade against.

Coup de Grace:
Shrinking the enemies health bar comes with rewards, and On-hit Teemo will deal more damage to his targets once they are low, forcing them to back out of the lane or play passive.

Item Build

With this build focusing on sustain and self-healing this rune takes full advantage of the item build providing a shield derived from the healing when at full health.

Ravenous Hunter:
To boost the self healing potential to the max, Ravenous Hunter awards permanent healing from ability damage for each unique takedown.

Taste of Blood:
To round it of Taste of Blood provides permanent passive healing from damage dealt to enemy champions.

Item Build


Glacial Augment:
This rune is at the center of the build. It applies a slow to your auto attacks that increases over time and additionally your Twin Shadows and other active items with slow effects are augmented and now create a path of slow around each champion hit with that active item!

Time Warp Tonic:
Is here to help you catch your enemies or run away from them, using a potion or biscuit (from the rune Biscuit Deliver) gives you a movement speed burst.

Biscuit Delivery:
This rune will help you reach your later game potential. As you start of your match and build up your items, every tiny drop off sustain will come in very handy!

Item Build


Dark Harvest:
Is the cornerstone of this build. Killing and participating in the execution of your enemies grants you their souls which in turn make it so you deal more damage for each soul you have gathered. Really dark!

Cheap Shot:
Grants you bonus damage towards slowed or immobilised enemies, paired with the slowing effect of your shrooms is deadly!

Ravenous Hunter:
Makes it so that your takedowns heal you for a % of health pool and the more takedowns you have the stronger the healing.

Item Build

Thicc Teemo
On-Hit Teemo
Vampiric Teemo
Glacial Augment Teemo
Dark Harvest Teemo

Pick, Ban & Play Differently



Epic builds

Don’t play the same build every game!
Nemo gives you a build + runes that lets you play Speedy Annie or
On-Hit Urgot . Play your favorite champion differently. Keep League Fresh!

Complements of our team of League experts that put the most interesting, fun, dynamic and epic builds together. (These guys spend waaay too many hours on Twitch and the Rift.)

L33t teamwork

Know the moment when you have a perfect team composition?

That feeling in champ-select where you just know that you’re going to win? Nemo is your captain who matches you and your teammates’ best champions!

Complements of our tireless / relentless / evercurious machine learning algorithms that sit on expensive Amazon servers giving you the very best advanced statistical modeling has to offer in 2019!

Banning enemy champs

Ban your most dangerous counter, or ban a teammate’s counter?

Banning for a teammate can be more impactful than helping your own lane.

It’s simple math really, right? You just need to process a few hundred million permutations during the ban phase and you can do it yourself... Meh, forget about it! Let our robots do that for you!

Counter your lane opponent perfectly!

Countering your lane opponent will determine the early to mid-game.
Why not switch from one main to another if the second option also negates your rival?

Our evil robot overlords (sitting in our basement now) has access to supercomputers, and they’ve calculated which of your champions counter the enemy the hardest!

Upgrade your game experience!


Our customers are more than happy!

November 11, 2019
See profile

I use the app to get unusual builds. Some weird stuff works, some stuff doesn’t—it’s like I’m Level 10 again! Loving the build import: it takes one click to equip new runes and item sets.

November 15, 2019
See profile

I’ve been the one person to look up stats even when my friends wouldn’t. But stats take time to think over, and sometimes there’s little time during the draft. Nemo shows champions that fit my allies and counter enemies inside the app. Even my peeps are not too lazy for this.

November 17, 2019
See profile

I’ve played since Season 2 basically, and I never really put enough thought into pre-game, runes and builds. changed that: I got to know a whole new world and depth to League of Legends. For the first time ever, I find myself understanding the builds, what makes them different and why I should play them. 

November 20, 2019
See profile

I hate useless stats, and Nemo gives context to global stats while keeping my recommendations personal. The app helps me pick my champion that would do well, not some meta pick that should do well. It’s like drafting with a coach, except I don’t have to hire one before each game.

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