16 Clash Rewards - Packed list of all Clash Rewards in League of Legends

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Clash Rewards are here! With more Clash beta weekends over the past year and even a live event everywhere but in Europe, Riot has settled on the rewards. The revealed list takes into consideration the latest rule change (all teams play three matches), so it’s unlikely to change in the near time. Join us as we lift the curtain.

Clash Entry Difference

Clash ticket icon
Clash tickets | Source: League of Legends Client

The February 22–23 weekend solidified two types of Clash entries. The freemium way is a Regular Ticket, which costs 975 Blue Essence or 195 Riot Points. There are also multiple ways to secure a free ticket. For example, Riot usually introduces a mission that rewards you with one ticket for playing a five-man premade match. An interactive Clash tutorial on the League’s website also grants you one. You could buy a Regular Ticket for your friend(s) or make them purchase a ticket for you. Competing on a Regular Ticket results in a Clash Orb.

A Premium Ticket costs 975 RP. In the release version of Clash, spending Riot Points is the only way to get this ticket. Merging Regular Tickets into a Premium one is no longer an option. Just like a regular one, Premium Ticket works just for one day, not the whole weekend. The RP-only entry increases the rewards from a crate that you get depending on your placement. Clash Capsule contains better prizes, including a guaranteed Regular Ticket.

On a related note, your Clash Tier doesn’t affect the crate contents. Challengers and Iron players enjoy the same rewards for the same placement. Smurfing concerns do not seem to be an issue here, as rewards are not transferable.

Clash Rewards: What is in the Clash Orb?

As Clash is now basically a triple-elimination bracket tournament for eight teams, each squads finishes the competition with a defined placement. The bracket is similar to the soccer World Cup playoffs, except if you lose, you get to keep playing against teams that had lost the same number of matches. All teams end up playing three games.

Chibi Icon

1,350 RP Skin Shard

975 RP Skin Shard

Regular Clash Ticket

640 RP Ward Skin

Mystery Icon
3 Wins XP Boost

Clash Logo

Clash Rewards: What is in the Clash Capsule?

Clash Capsules are designed to always have a Regular Ticket and a champion skin shard. You also earn a Gemstone and a Legendary skin for placing first.

Chibi Icon


1,350 RP Skin

1,820 RP Skin Shard

1,350 RP Skin Shard

975 RP Skin Shard
750 RP Skin Shard
Clash Logo
750 Orange Essence

500 Orange Essence

Clash Rewards: Victory Points Rewards

As it is, Victory Points do not give you any loot. You earn them for each win to get banners that show up on Summoner’s Rift and in the profile. That’s it. Same thing with the first-place trophy.

Clash Banners | Source: League of Legends Client

What are the Clash Rewards?

You get different rewards based on your placement and the type of ticket that you used to compete. The best you can pull with a Regular Ticket is a 1,350 RP and a 975 RP skin shard. With the Premium Ticket, you can go all the way to a Gemstone, 1,820 RP skin shard, a 1,350 RP skin+a skin shard, and two more skin shards.

How can I get a Clash ticket?

Regular Clash Tickets are available through an interactive tutorial, an in-game mission, or the shop. You can also ask a friend to throw in a ticket for you or earn a ticket as part of the rewards for the previous tournament. Premium Tickets are distributed only through the shop.

How much do Clash tickets cost?

A Regular Ticket costs 975 Blue Essence/195 Riot Points, while a Premium Ticket is 975 RP.

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February 26, 2020


April 03, 2020 at 2:04 pm
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