League of Legends Valentine’s Day Skins

It’s here. You can sense it in the air. You reach out to grab and never let go. That’s right, our LoL Valentine’s Day skin compilation is yours forever.

Riot’s Official Skins

Riot Games have been releasing Valentine’s Day skins since 2012. It initially started as one skin a year but Riot doubled their love from 2015 onward. The 2020 batch is no exception: we’re getting Heartseeker Jinx and Heartseeker Yuumi. 

As most Heartseeker skins rest in the Legacy vault most of the year, you don’t have much time to buy them. So let’s take a look at all the skins Riot have outpurred our way.

Heartseeker Jinx (2020)

Heartseeker Yuumi (2020)

Heartpiercer Fiora (2019)

Heartbreaker Vi (2019)

Sweetheart Rakan (2018)

Sweetheart Xayah (2018)

Heartseeker Lucian (2017)

Heartseeker Quinn (2017)

Heartseeker Orianna (2016)

Sweetheart Sona (2016)

Sweetheart Annie (2015)

Heartseeker Varus (2015)

Heartseeker Ashe (2014)

Debonair Jayce (2013)

Heartseeker Vayne (2012)

Community Concept Skins

Much like great artists of the 19th century, the community skin geniuses often go unrecognized. We’d like to fix that.

Heartcrusher Urgot by Sugar

Heartcrusher Urgot | Source: Sugar

Heartseeker Rek’Sai by Jenner Chen

Heartseeker Rek’Sai | Source: Jenner Chen

Heartseeker Caitlyn by Jenner Chen

Heartseeker Caitlyn|Source: Jenner Chen

Heartbinder Morgana by Philip Sun

Heartbinder Morgana | Source: Philip Sun

Heartseeker Akali by dutomaster

Heartseeker Akali | Source: dutomaster

Bonus: Heartseeker Imaqtpie & Tyler1

Bonus: Heartseeker Imaqtpie & Tyler1

What are the 2020 Heartseeker skins in League of Legends?

The 2020 skin batch for League of Legends Valentine’s Day is Heartseeker Jinx and Heartseeker Yuumi.

How can I buy Valentine’s day LoL skins?

The skins are normally available only during the holiday season. You either have to wait for February or try your luck with Chests, Mystery Gifts, and rerolled skin shards.

When are the Valentine’s day skins coming out?

The 2020 skins, Heartseeker Jinx and Heartseeker Yuumi, were added to League of Legends with Patch 10.3. The skins were unlocked on February 6.

by Simon Kaastrup-Olsen
February 14, 2020


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