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Personal network investment opportunity


20 Thousand Leagues is looking for “bridge financing” between now and an investment in September/October.

20 Thousand Leagues has a Letter of Intent from an investor outlining his plan to invest. The period between now and this investment is the period that the company needs to find short term financing for, and therefore we’re asking our network of friends and family to help us fund the business, on a month by month basis, in the next 3-6 months.

If this is successful, it will allow the company to retain key employees, and possibly slightly expand upon ongoing development efforts, as well as maintain our market presence.


The minimum investment requirement is 1 ticket per month.

1 ticket costs 500 US dollars.

You commit to Investment for up to 6 months, i.e. minimum 1 ticket per month, every month.

1 ticket equals 2,300 shares in 20 Thousand Leagues.

The company’s value is based on a comparison of competitor companies’ valuation at a similar stage of development set by Y-Combinator.

Still interested? Good, read below what the CEO and the CFO have to say.

Letter From the CEO and Founder

The Nautilus was piercing the water with its sharp spur, after having accomplished nearly ten thousand leagues in three months and a half, a distance greater than the great circle of the earth. Where were we going now, and what was reserved for the future?

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, 1870
Novel by Jules Verne

Opportunity & risk
As with all opportunities in life, there is a measure of risk. This is our opportunity to invite our friends, family, and professional network to make a small monetary investment and join us for this journey.
And likewise, this is your risk and opportunity to be part of something different, exciting, forward-looking, global, and maybe also financially rewarding.

The history
Since summer 2018, the team, myself, and Yuri, have been working intensely on this business.
20 Thousand Leagues (20kL) has finished its early technical prototype, verified its value with our user base that such solutions were in demand, we’ve seen almost a hundred thousand visitors (96k) to our website so far, and we have raised 150,000 USD of external funding, as well as invested our own money.

All of those efforts culminated in December 2019 when we launched a successful, early version of our first software. It came branded, designed, and promoted using social media. As a result we’ve seen our baby, Nemo, downloaded by more than 4,000 users.

And to top it off, we’ve had lots of investor interests (15+), mostly from large institutional investors and venture capitals. 

Unfortunately, most have found our seed round too early for them to invest into, Importantly, however, was the fact that most of them have also explicitly made it clear that they are interested in investing into a later round of financing(Series A). 

20 Thousand Leagues is gifted by its access to this type of capital partners, mostly so by virtue of its CFO, Yuri, who’s been working in corporate finance for 15 years. Please, read his letter further below.

Letter of Intent (to invest)
The business does have an interested investor.
Short-term, the business needs to close its seed round, and fortunately, we have found a seed round investor. Furthermore, the seed round is fully covered by this investor and they’ve detailed their interest in a Letter of Intent (LOI). This round of financing will bring the company to break-even, or at the very least, its series A investment round.

Our challenge, however, is that this interested party has a Due Diligence process that will take time before they can make funds available. They estimate that financing can be unlocked by September 2020.

Why is the company asking for money?
Therefore, 20 Thousand Leagues needs to find a small amount of investment to carry the business over. Thus, the period from now and until it can close this seed round, we have a pre-seed round so we can keep the lights on and the doors open, so to speak. 

This is why we’re going out to friends, family, and our professional network. This type of pre-seed investment is relevant to the company now, while the company is in-between financing, and will most likely not be made available later.

About the business
20 Thousand Leagues has assembled a great team of smart people across skills ranging from technology, finance, product development, and design.

  • The CEO, and founder, has 8 years of executive leadership experience and has built and delivered both successful IT services and industry-leading user-centric software products to European and Asian markets.
  • The technology team consists of 3 people with senior software skills and top-of-its class user experience, and are experts and leaders in their own right.
  • The marketing team has a great combination of technical and creative copy talent with both experience and love of the industry, which is why our social media strategy has gone as well as it has on a limited budget.
  • The chief financial officer (CFO) has extensive executive management experience, 15 years of experience with global financial markets and as a result, has taken 2 companies from privately listed companies and to publicly-traded companies on both London Stock Exchange and Moscow.

Risk/ reward
At this point, I should caution before investing in 20 Thousand Leagues (as I would with any startup). Anybody putting money into a startup business, no matter how much you love, like, or believe in its product, technology, team or the people behind the business: The money you’re investing is a lottery ticket! Pure and simple. You might see a healthy return years down the road.

It is, however, likely that you’ll lose the money. Statistics show that only 5% of startups survive their first 12 months.

Therefore, to sum up:

  • The company has a Letter of Intent from a committed investor, but needs bridge financing.
  • The business exists in an emerging and rapidly growing market.
  • 20 Thousand Leagues has already built and deployed part of its Nemo software, which has been installed by 4,000 users and counting.
  • 20kL has the right mix of skill sets: It is a senior team and with a track record of success.
  • Consider investing if you’d like to own shares in an advanced software and eLearning business.
  • Ask yourself if you like the idea of a lottery ticket and can afford to lose the investment.

The above is a lot to read and take in. We thus moved other details to PDFs available in the sections below. 

All the best,

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen

CEO & Founder of 20 Thousand Leagues

If you’re not quite sure what the business is about, you can:

10 slide presentation of the business for initial investor talks.

Who are the competitors, what’s their size, and who are indirect competitors.

Covid19 is a human tragedy, but has been a positive place for people to socialize and spend their time and, thus the gaming industry has never been stronger because of it.

Platform Presentation

20 Thousand Leagues will offer two main products. They are a coaching product for all gamers to learn how to improve their skills in real-time, and a supporting product that helps them prepare before the game starts, and also helps them analyze their mistakes after the game is over.


Warding Feature Investors End Users ICO Subjects

Monetization: Monthly subscription service of 5 US dollars per user.

Userbase: 2 million users in 5 years

NEMO+ is a future product. This video shows what a single feature in the product will look like.

We did a technical feasibility study in summer 2018 verifying the idea behind the business is sustainable.


Monetization: We will be showing banners and advertising inside NEMO as well as on the website, giving a substantive advertising revenue.

Userbase: 16 million (freemium) users in 5 years

We expect to have 90+ million visitors per month in 4 years ‘time, displaying billions of ads on both websites as well as NEMO because it is free-to-use.

NEMO is built and being used by thousands of users. Here are some visuals for how gamers use NEMO today.

Letter from the CFO

At the time of writing, comparative analysis puts 20 Thousand Leagues at the value of ca. $4 million. We have based this on comparing us to our peers at a similar stage of development and progress. This valuation is verified by our current early stage investors, potential investors for later rounds, and the committed investor that provided the Letter of Intent.

20 Thousand Leagues is currently pursuing three funding activities:

  • FF: This is what we’re talking about here on this page. It would give the business a cash flow to cover essential costs for 3–6 months. All tickets also enable the third potential avenue.
  • Seed funding: These are active discussions with Venture funds and High Networth Individuals from my personal and professional network.
  • Debt financing: We’ve had extensive conversations Vaekstfonden, vf.dk, a Danish Government fund, and
  • Cash flow: from an IT outsourcing business run separately by Simon.

FF funding details
The company is looking to raise between $15,000 up to $20,000, in an optimal scenario, to secure its cash flow for next 3-4 months.
For both pre-seed and seed stages we plan to use a *SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), which will entitle our backers to obtain stock in the future on pre-agreed terms. Given the closed circle of contacts that we are addressing, this special offer implies a ca. 10% discount off of the public valuation.

*We’re adopting a standard template from Y-Combinator https://www.ycombinator.com/documents/#sales

Seed funding details
The company is committed to raising between half a million and one million US dollars as its seed funding. The plan is to sell 12.5–20% of the business. This seed funding will give the business a 12 months’ worth of runway at minimum, to do both marketing and technology development.

Next funding rounds (series A financing round, and onwards)
After said 12 months, the company may conduct another raise of ca. $2 million to secure the long term growth of the business, including acquisitions. At which point we expect the company to have a valuation of at least $20,000,000.
In my opinion, the above figure is unrealistically low; it is based on how our peers are valued according to their deals. The number is too conservative for a company working in such “sexy” fields as artificial intelligence and gaming.

The question
What will your money go towards? The money will be used only to pay salaries to software developers, so they can focus full-time on creating new products and improving existing products, as well as lay the groundwork for later products.

We expect to close the seed round in about 3 months, but we’re asking for you to commit to 6 months of cash-flow investment.

Yours truly,

Yuri Ilyin

CFO & Co-founder, 20 Thousand Leagues

Milestones achieved


So, what are you getting in return for your investment, and what are you committing to?

Each month we’ll ask you to send money to the company’s bank account. Your purchase will be registered in the SAFE document between you and 20 Thousand Leagues.

You commit to monthly recurring investments, up to a period of maximum 6 months. If seed funding is secured prior to the 6 months commitment, your monthly investments may end earlier.



You can reach out to and talk to Simon, simon@20thousandleagues.com, or Yuri yy@20thousandleagues.com or us both on investor@20thousandleagues.com


Register for a questions & answers session with CEO and CFO. We plan to hold 1-2 online meetings where anybody can ask questions directly as well as listen in to those answers before they make their decision.

Use of funds

We don’t know the success of the cash flowing we hope to achieve, but with more money, more people can join and work on first the MVP and following this the subsequent release candidate #1 which is the first version with more than a few features.

Answers to “Frequently Asked Questions”

A Letter of Intent is not a binding or formal agreement. It’s a statement of intent rather than a promise. It functions to express a very high degree of certainty about the intent to invest.

The current health crisis is a global tragedy unfolding in real-time. It will, however, not impact the business negatively. You can find out more from a Market Report that we made for investors as part of their due diligence.

Here’s a link to a Competitors Analysis Report we have made for investors as part of the due diligence on us, but in short, yes, there are competitors.

The CEO (nor the CFO) have not – and will not – be taking a salary from this pre-seed investment round from the personal network.
The people who are onboard are carefully selected. Of the people onboard today, the CEO has known or worked directly with several in the past and goes as far back as 20 years with some of them.

20 Thousand Leagues is the company, and Nemo is the first product, a free-to-use analytics product that serves as a marketing tool. Nemo+ is the paid subscription product that’s planned as the company’s AI coaching tool.

The financial model of the company is available upon request.