Outrageous Tristana Mid Build for Patch 10.8 — Mid Tristana Build, Runes, Tips & Tricks

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Riot Games did it again: Tristana Mid received an E buff. Such buffs normally cause solo lane Tristana to pop up, and Patch 10.8 should not be an exception. Here’s our build for this amazing cheese.

Tristana Mid Build – Basics

Surprisingly, solo Tristana Mid is not about maximizing your income through farming minions safely (even more so in the Top lane). No, you should be killing the enemy as early as possible to get their turret. From now on, transfer your lead to other lanes and then either split push or stay with the team to get objectives incredibly fast.

As you’re not ADC in the traditional sense, you’ll be more likely to end up in the heat of the battle. After all, the W resets promote just that. This will result in slightly different itemization: do not simply reuse your ADC build blindly. Our desktop assistant for League has all the builds for you not to go into a game blindly. 

Tristana Mid Build – Items

Tristana Mid
Tristana Mid – Item Build

Blade of the Ruined King is a must-have first item. Attack Speed makes stacking E much faster, but then there’s also %HP damage! Chunking enemies for 8% of their health is no joke.

Berserker’s Greaves are a simple option, too. You want that Attack Speed.

Phantom Dancer, apart from increasing your kiting potential, grants you a shield when you get low. This shield will make the difference between jumping away on a W reset/Lifestealing through enemy damage and dying.

Infinity Edge will increase your Crit Chance to 50% and make the crits stronger

Rapid Firecannon is a fun item on Tristana that makes her range even more absurd, but it’s a luxury for Tristana Mid. After all, you will not be one sitting behind your front line all game long. Purchasing this item early (like you’d in the bottom lane) doesn’t make sense.

Guardian Angel is arguably the best choice to cover your ass after a potentially game-losing mistake, as respawn timers get really high. Feel free to buy this item earlier if you are focused all the time and fail to have an impact on a fight before dying.

Mercurial Scimitar will help you a lot if they have a devastating CC spell that ruins the game for you. Malzahar’s ultimate comes to mind. 

You’d want Mortal Reminder if they have a champion that heals too much. Do not hesitate to sacrifice another item for that: cutting their healing in half is worth it.

Stormrazor is an alternative first item, replacing Blade of the Ruined King. Stormrazor was losing out to BOTRK even before Patch 10.8, and I expect it to be phased out completely throughout this cycle.

Bloodthirster is a Lifesteal option to buy if you started with Stormrazor. Once again, I advise against going this route.

Tristana Mid Build- Runes

Tristana Mid - Runes
Tristana Mid – Runes

The Precision Tree stays more or less the same.

Press the Attack is all about stacking that E.

Triumph synergizes well with your W resets.

Legend: Alacrity boosts E, too.

Coup De Grace allows you to finish opponents faster, which makes potential 1v2 encounters much easier

Resolve is not the preferred choice for bottom lane Tristana, but it works really well in the middle lane.

Demolish makes you nuke turrets even faster

Bone Plating protects you against poke from both AP and AD lane opponents.

Tristana Mid – Tips

  • Take Ignite as your second Summoner Spell to secure kills. Against Assassins, however, consider Exhaust to avoid giving up kills
  • Use W to dive after low enemies and then jump away. This works for solo Tristana better than in the bottom lane, as there’s no other enemy to punish you
  • Use E at Level 1 to get an auto attack or two off and thus secure an early advantage
  • At Level 3, try an all-in by landing as many E stacks as possible. If you got a good Level 1 E off, this will likely get you a kill
  • If the lane opponent is unkillable, shove the wave and gank side lane
  • After landing from W for an all-in, use Cutlass/BOTRK active to stay in the attack range
  • Remember than since early Season 10 your W resets after getting all E stacks. W is now a legit finishing move
  • Use Flash in the middle of W to change direction, extend the jump, and/or dodge CC
  • As you get more experience, always look for opportunities to jump away from your front line to secure kills


Is Mid Tristana OP?

It’s too early to tell. Her win rate in the middle lane before Patch 10.8 buff was subpar, but the recent E changes made Tristana a turret wrecking machine.

How to counter Tristana Mid?

It’s mostly slippery Mages and/or Assassins like LeBlanc, Sylas, Vladimir. Champions with higher all-in potential, such as Veigar, are hard to deal with, too. 

What to build on Tristana Mid?

Your core items are Blade of the Ruined King, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge. The following options are situational, but you can certainly default to Guardian Angel and Rapid Firecannon.

by Denis Matusovskiy
April 24, 2020


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