Can I Run League of Legends? 4 Important Checkboxes You Must Tick

Riot Games are usually very lightweight, but can you actually run League of Legends? Find out here.

The 4 things that ruined Volibear Rework

Volibear’s rework is a perfect storm. The new kit received a lot of flack from long-time mains, and they were apparently right. After all, the new Volibear enters June with a stunning win rate of 40.4%

Even Silver: What Is the High Elo in League of Legends?

We’ve all been there: some toxic SoloQ teammate tells you to do unspeakable things to yourself after “throwing”, as you ruined some self-proclaimed smurf’s day. Such people would normally claim that they are anywhere between high Diamond or Challenger, but does it take this much to be high Elo? Let’s look at the stats.

Outrageous Tristana Mid Build for Patch 10.8 — Mid Tristana Build, Runes, Tips & Tricks

Riot Games did it again: Tristana Mid received an E buff. Such buffs normally cause solo lane Tristana to pop up, and Patch 10.8 should not be an exception. Here’s our build for this amazing cheese.

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