Best League of Legends Season 11 Champions & Builds in Top, Jungle, Mid

Following one of the shortest Preseasons ever, Riot Games has kicked off Season 11 of ranked play. They have not, however, addressed a notable number of champions that became strong after the item changes. Here are the best proven and new options in Top, Jungle, Mid.

LoL Ranked Season 11: start date, changes, placements, rewards

As Riot Games follows up the biggest change to the game with the shortest preseason ever, we're less than a month away from Ranked Season 11 in League of Legends. Let's look at when the season is scheduled to start and which frustrasting time sink the developers have finally removed from the competitive mode.

[Preseason 2021] Breaking Down LoL Mythic Items

As we’re approaching Worlds, it’s high time to talk LoL Preseason 2021 Itemization changes. This is the key focus of Riot Games for the upcoming year, so they did not simply cut obsolete items and add a couple of new options. Let’s check them out.

[UPDATED] Worlds 2020: Format, Teams, Schedule, COVID Restrictions — Everything We Know About the 2020 League of Legends World Championship

Despite that global coronavirus pandemic going on, Riot Games are still planning to host Worlds 2020 for League of Legends in China. Here's what we know

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