The 4 things that ruined Volibear Rework

Volibear’s rework is a perfect storm. The new kit received a lot of flack from long-time mains, and they were apparently right. After all, the new Volibear enters June with a stunning win rate of 40.4%

Fiddlesticks Rework: Untold terror approaches; 6 tips & tricks to get started

It’s almost here: a horribly-niche Fiddlesticks rework to bring horror upon all Ranked games worldwide. Fiddlesticks keeps the iconic ultimate but the rest of the kit was revamped. We’re taking a look at new Fiddlesticks abilities, itemization options, runes, and tricks.

Soraka Top - Patch 10.3 -Build, Runes, Tips & Tricks

Soraka top saw the light of day about a month into Season 10. It’s no surprise that players are looking for cheesy picks. One of them turned out to be Soraka in the top lane, although she appears to be strong to matter what. A win rate of 57% is hardly a laughing matter!

Ahri Build for Patch 10.2. - AD Ahri Build, Runes, Tips & Tricks

Ahri Build as shown by the NA player Chubbzilla, AD Ahri is a legit pick that can get you to Grandmaster. See a detailed summary of his play.

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