Ahri Build for Patch 10.2. - AD Ahri Build, Runes, Tips & Tricks

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Ahri Build as shown by the NA player Chubbzilla, AD Ahri is a legit pick that can get you to Grandmaster. See a detailed summary of his play.

AD Ahri Build

Ahri Instagram Build | Chubbzilla’s build against non-squishy teams

For Chubbzilla, Ahri itemization is like a basic if…else command. He insists on choosing the appropriate build path instead of sticking to one. Otherwise, AD Ahri’s damage is negligible. However, Berserker’s Greaves are the boots to buy no matter what.

Against squishies: Sheen on first back->Trinity Force->Trinity Force->Infinity Edge->Phantom Dancer

Against non-squishies: B. F. Sword on first back->Stormrazor->Statikk Shiv->Infinity Edge/Rapid Firecannon

Rough laning: Vampiric Scepter on first back->Blade of the Ruined King->Infinity Edge->Phantom Dancer

You can complete these builds with defensive items like Guardian Angel, Banshee’s Veil, Mercurial’s Scimitar and/or offence options (Mortal Reminder, Runaan’s Hurricane, Essence Reaver, lifestyle items). When it comes to exploring secondary options, Nemo got your back for both adventurous and regular builds.

Summoner spells are easy. As an ADC, you still want Flash as another avenue of escape and Heal to keep your bot lane safe.

AD Ahri Runes

AD Ahri Runes

Much like your regular Marksman, AD Ahri prefers the Precision tree.

Press the Attack complements your general playstyle. You want to stick around a target as long as possible, and the game rewards you for doing just that.

Triumph makes Ahri the ultimate sustain machine. While Passive healing is a farming tool, Triumph enables you to prevail in team fights.

Legend: Bloodline is a solid universal choice, more so because a lot of the time you won’t buy any Lifesteal until later in the game or at all.

Coup de Grace has a great synergy with your R. If a target is fleeing, you will have an easier time finishing it.

Magical Footwear is basically a deposit. You will be fine without regular boots until the 12-minute mark—Ahri is mobile enough as she is.

Biscuit Delivery addresses the early sustain challenge.

AD Ahri Tips

As Ahri abilities have zero scaling from AD, your play style changes quite a bit. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • AD Ahri can 1v1 most squishies thanks to high mobility and hard CC
  • Unlike most Marksmen, you should try and initiate fights, not wait for targets come your way after someone else’s attempt
  • Remember that your auto attack range is equal if higher than most bot lane opponents’. 
  • Ahri wasn’t designed with AD builds in mind, so remember that your abilities have about twice the range of your auto attacks
  • If possible, you don’t want to shoot E from too far. It will take you another second to get into AA range after landing a clutch E
  • As Chubbzilla points out, give consideration to the Star Guardian Ahri skin. Her auto-attack animation is a bit different, which you may like better. Perhaps, try the skin on the PBE?
  • Suffice to say that 90% of the time you shouldn’t be trying to steal an epic monster by yourself. Your ability numbers are low, and enemies can capitalize hard while you, the ADC, are dead.

Most importantly, don’t try this at home practice in Normals first! You don’t want to discard an orthodox build after imminently losing LP in the very first few games, especially if you haven’t played Ahri at all. Your teammates may hate you as well. Hatred leads to reports. Reports lead to fewer player behaviour rewards. Please, practice in Normals first.


Can you play Ahri as ADC?

Ahri ADC is extremely good, as you get to enjoy her utility while not suffering from poor AP ratios. Attack Speed, Critical Change, Lifesteal items are all good options depending on the game.

Is Ahri currently OP?

Not really. She is always a top tier champion in Mid, but never ascends to reworked Akali or early Azir win rate peaks.

Is Ahri good for beginners?

Ahri is very beginner-friendly. You can heal up in the lane, avoid punishment for positional mistakes, and be useful despite falling behind in gold. It is easy to start having an impact as Ahri while also difficult to lose the lane hard.

Who counters Ahri?

In the middle lane, Ahri struggles against enemies that either outrange her or can burst her down often. Diana, Syndra, Akali are some of those champions. In the bottom lane, Ahri would have a hard time against Draven, some Enchanters as Supports, and champions with spell shields (Morgana, Sivir, an odd Nocturne).

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January 27, 2020


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