Escaping Elo Hell 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Climbing the League of Legends Ranked Ladder

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Elo Hell: LoL Ranked Border
Elo Hell: LoL Ranked Border


Elo Hell is a term used in the League of Legends community to describe a situation where players find themselves stuck in a certain rank, unable to progress due to various factors. This can lead to a frustrating gaming experience, making it difficult to enjoy the competitive aspect of the game. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help you escape Elo Hell and improve your rank. This article will provide you with tips and tricks that can help you climb the League of Legends ranked ladder.

Master your champion pool

One of the most important aspects of climbing the ranked ladder is having a well-rounded champion pool. While it’s tempting to play a wide variety of champions, focusing on a small pool of 3-5 champions per role will allow you to master their mechanics and make better decisions during games. By specializing in a small pool, you can develop a deeper understanding of your champions’ strengths, weaknesses, and playstyle, which will ultimately improve your performance in ranked games.

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Understand the meta in Elo Hell

The League of Legends meta is constantly changing due to patches and updates. Staying informed about the current meta and adapting your champion pool accordingly is essential for climbing the ladder. By understanding which champions are strong, weak, or popular, you can make informed decisions during the champion select phase and improve your chances of winning games. Keep an eye on patch notes, tier lists, and pro player streams to stay up-to-date with the current meta.

Communication and teamwork

League of Legends is a team-based game, and effective communication is crucial for success. Use the in-game chat, pings, and voice chat (if available) to communicate with your team about objectives, enemy positions, and potential threats. This will not only improve your team’s coordination but also increase your chances of securing objectives and winning team fights. Remember to stay positive and avoid toxic behavior, as it can negatively impact your team’s morale and performance.

Map awareness and vision control

Having good map awareness is essential for making the right decisions during a game. Make it a habit to frequently check the minimap and keep track of the enemy’s movements. This will allow you to anticipate ganks, avoid overextending, and secure objectives more effectively.

Vision control is another crucial aspect of map awareness. Invest in control wards and use your trinket to ward key areas such as the river, jungle entrances, and objectives like Dragon or Baron Nashor. Denying the enemy vision and having good vision control can significantly increase your chances of winning games.

Objectives over kills

While getting kills can provide gold and experience, focusing on objectives is more important for winning games. Turrets, inhibitors, dragons, and Baron Nashor all provide significant advantages that can help secure victory. Prioritize taking these objectives over chasing kills, as they often lead to a more substantial lead and map control. Remember that the ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy Nexus, not just racking up kills.

Learn from your mistakes and losses

Everyone makes mistakes, and losing games is a natural part of playing League of Legends, especially while climbing out of Elo Hell.
Instead of becoming frustrated with losses, analyze your gameplay, and identify areas where you can improve. Watch your replays, identify your mistakes, and work on correcting them in future games. By focusing on self-improvement, you will naturally start to climb the ranked ladder.


Escaping Elo Hell in League of Legends may seem daunting, but with dedication, practice, and a focus on self-improvement, you can overcome this obstacle and climb the ranked ladder. By mastering your champion pool, understanding the meta, communicating effectively, maintaining map awareness, prioritizing objectives, and learning from your mistakes, you

What is Elo Hell in League of Legends?

Elo Hell refers to a situation where players find themselves stuck in a certain rank, unable to progress due to various factors, leading to a frustrating gaming experience.

How can I escape Elo Hell and improve my rank?

To escape Elo Hell, focus on mastering your champion pool, understanding the meta, effective communication, map awareness, prioritizing objectives, and learning from your mistakes.

Why is focusing on objectives important in League of Legends?

Focusing on objectives such as turrets, inhibitors, dragons, and Baron Nashor provides significant advantages, map control, and ultimately leads to a higher chance of victory compared to just chasing kills.

by Simon Kaastrup-Olsen
April 17, 2023


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