Escaping Elo Hell 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Climbing the League of Legends Ranked Ladder

Escape Elo Hell and climb the League of Legends ranked ladder with our ultimate guide. Master your champion pool, understand the meta, communicate effectively, maintain map awareness, prioritize objectives, and learn from your mistakes to achieve success.

Gaming: A Waste of Time or a Career Path?

Gaming has long been a subject of contention among parents and their kids. More and more teens and young adults are pursuing gaming as a potential career path with the rise in popularity of esports, game publishers enforcing minimum salary on teams, as well as the rise of live streaming, and more.

5 Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Gaming

There are many ways to improve your mental health during the ongoing pandemic and beyond. The conventional advice would be to go outside and take a walk in your neighborhood or get in the mindset of preparing healthy meals daily. Others preach hiking, reading, or any other hobby as a way to get some peace of mind. We at Nemo never needed an excuse to play our video games, but it can also benefit your mental health.

How Therapy Helps Win Esports Tournaments

For some 15 years, esports athletes have been very reluctant about bringing any support staff. A Manager would be good only for takeout deliveries, coaches surely don’t know the game better than players do, and don’t get me started on analysts. Between the general stigma and the male teen-dominated environment, there was practically no demand for psychologists in esports. Luckily, that is no longer the case.

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