How to get a Clash ticket: 6 easy ways to Get a Clash Ticket

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It sounds like you will need a lot of Clash tickets—so here’s a breakdown. With the coronavirus outbreak forcing most casuals and even esports athletes to self-isolate, Riot Games are doubling down on Clash. The tournaments will be taking place every other week, with the next ones scheduled for April 11–12.

Tutorial Clash Ticket

You can use Riot’s landing page to learn the basics of team creation and actually build a squad for the tournaments. Completing the tutorial will unlock a ticket. 


Riot also offer an in-game mission to earn another clash ticket. As a group of five, you need to win a Summoner’s Rift game against other players. Both Normal and Ranked games fit the requirement. You don’t have to complete the mission with the people you’re intending to play Clash with. Everyone gets their rewards separately.

In quite a meta fashion, a solid way to grab a clash ticket is to play Clash. If you personally entered a tournament on a regular ticket, your team needs to reach top-4 for everyone to get a ticket. Rewards for Premium Ticket holders always include a regular ticket, even if they place last.

In-Game Currency

Regular Tickets are available for Blue Essence. You can go to the store and buy them on the Clash week. There’s an ever-changing limit on the number of tickets, but you can usually purchase just enough to play out all tournaments in a certain Clash period. One ticket is 975 Blue Essence (or 195 Riot Points).

Premium Tickets are sold exclusively for Riot Points. Early Clash betas allowed you to merge Regular Tickets into a Premium one, but it’s no longer the case. The price is 975 RP.


Playing Clash normally requires some (although you can totally find new teammates on our Discord!), so you may as well ask them to land a hand. Your comrades can submit a ticket for you in the Clash tab.

Do Premium Clash Ticket holders get different rewards?

Clash ticket, League of Legends Clash 2020

Yes! The rewards are juicier overall, and you always earn a Regular Ticket—even if you place outside of the top 4. Check out the full list.

What is the price of Clash tickets?

You can buy a Regular Ticket at 975 Blue Essence / 195 Riot Points. Premium Tickets with additional rewards cost 975 Riot Points.

Are Clash tickets free?

They are not but you can still claim some free tickets. Riot’s website has a tutorial page that grants a free ticket on completion. You can also earn a ticket by winning a Summoner’s Rift game as a group of five. You have to defeat players, not bots.

by Denis Matusovskiy
April 02, 2020


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