16 Clash Rewards - Packed list of all Clash Rewards in League of Legends

Clash Rewards are here! With more Clash beta weekends over the past year and even a live event everywhere but in Europe, Riot has settled on the rewards.

Eternals in League of Legends: What to get

Riot Games has decided to undig Eternals, yet another freemium piece of cosmetics that you may show off in-game. While the idea of locking stat tracking behind a paywall is controversial at best, we went to the Public Beta Environment to check out the new goodies.

How to Draft in Clash: Flex Picks

Winning the draft phase in Clash is important as arguably even more important than it does in the pro play. After all, you can only estimate enemy players’ strength from their profiles, but you most likely never played them before. A solid way to out draft your opponent is to use flex picks, that keep the mystery surrounding your team’s performance.

PBE: How to get a PBE account for League of Legends

With all cool stuff coming to League practically every patch, players are all eager to try new things as early as possible. Luckily, PBE gives you that chance. Let’s dive into the current setup.

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