Scout, the Forgotten

On November 6, 2021, the world reeled in shock as the reigning world champions in Damwon KIA finally fell in an epic five game series to the reigning Chinese champions, EDward Gaming. For a Worlds Finals that felt heavily Damwon favored, with all eyes on ShowMaker and his potential to challenge Faker’s legacy, it comes as a shocking upset to many fans when EDG were able to triumph over the Korean powerhouses and shut the door at their potential dynasty before it ever bore fruit. And at the center of it all was Faker’s apprentice and the man who would take revenge for his master’s loss - Scout, the Forgotten.

+35 LP Per Game: How League of Legends Players Abuse Ranked MMR for Elo Gains

Every season of ranked play in League of Legends brings its new shenanigans, but this may have truly been the wildest ride yet. First, players figured out how to improve their future rank through Normal games. Then, some other clever SoloQ players started exporting ranks from less skilled servers to KR and EUW. Let’s take a look at some of the antics.

Not just Kai’Sa: What Do the Pros Pick in Season 11?

As is tradition, the competitive Season 11 starts with pros finding individual overpowered champions and sticking to them. This year’s darling is Kai’Sa, but there are a few more pick & ban trends to look at.

Best League of Legends Season 11 Champions & Builds in Top, Jungle, Mid

Following one of the shortest Preseasons ever, Riot Games has kicked off Season 11 of ranked play. They have not, however, addressed a notable number of champions that became strong after the item changes. Here are the best proven and new options in Top, Jungle, Mid.

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