PBE 10.2 - Wukong Rework -League of Legends

Here’s a preview of Wukong rework as well as balance changes. Patch 10.2 will be coming out only next week but is already on the PBE.

Sett: Release, Builds, Abilities, Items, Runes, Tips

You need to look no further: here’s our champion overview on Sett that covers his abilities, itemization, runes, and tricks.

Legends of Runeterra; how to play and what we know so far

Legends of Runeterra is the most developed game out of the seven titles that Riot Games is working on. Here is what we know so far!

How Long Can a Champion Go Without a Skin?

How Long Can a Champion Go Without a Skin? Unpopular or nerfed to oblivion, some champions haven’t had a skin for ages. But just how much is that? Even three years is not the limit—see for yourself.

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