Sett: Release, Builds, Abilities, Items, Runes, Tips

Sett has just been released on all League of Legends servers, and you may be wondering if he’s the champion to get free LP with or one to permaban. You need to look no further: here’s our champion overview on Sett that covers his abilities, itemization, runes, and tricks.

Sett Abilities

Compared to Riot’s take on poker with Aphelios weapon combos, Sett utilizes a very straightforward kit. The champion has a passive and four active abilities that affect either him or his enemies. Although Sett’s W is tied to the Grit resource bar, you can press the other buttons for free.

P, Pit Grit,

Sett's Passive Skill icon

P, Haymaker, chains Sett’s auto attacks into one-two combos. The second hit has a slightly bigger range and Attack Speed, so you will land it even as the enemy is running away. Sett’s second punch also deals a bit more damage depending on his level and scales with AD (+15%).

Sett has a second passive effect that increases his health regeneration. The bonus increases from 0.25 to 2 HP at Level 1/6/11/16. Passive regen stacks with missing health in increments of 5: a lvl1 Sett at 96% HP will enjoy the extra 0.25 of health regeneration, while the same Sett at 91% HP is granted 0.5 points.

Q, Knuckle Down,

Sett's Q spell icon

Q, Knuckle Down, increases Sett’s movement speed by 30% when running toward enemy champions for 1.5 seconds. The ability also boosts Sett’s next one-two combo within 5 seconds, and the buff won’t expire between the punches. The bonus number from tooltip is 10/20/30/40/50+1/2/3/4/5% of the target’s maximum health, but you should probably double the number in your mind due to one-two combos. Each 100 AD points on Sett increase the maximum health damage by one per cent.

Speaking of doubling the damage, Knuckle Down acts as an auto-attack reset. Use that after a regular one-two combo to immediately land another one.

W, Haymaker,

Sett's W spell icon

W, Haymaker, rewards Sett for soaking damage. The ability releases a blast that hits enemies harder if Sett previously took more beating and accumulated Grit. Sett also gains a shield amounting to the Grit used for the blast. The damage number is 90/125/160/160/195/230+25% of expended Grit. Each 100 AD points on Sett allow him to turn another 10% of Grit into bonus damage from W.

Sett can store up to 50% of suffered damage (not absorbed by defensive stats) as Grit in multiple instances. A stored instance remains whole for 4 seconds and then starts decaying at a rate of 30% per second. As a result, you will have an easy time storing Grit in team fights but would not be able to play hit-and-run for free in the lane. 

When using Haymaker, try to hit tank(s) and/or your primary target with the centre of the blast. As a result, they would take true damage instead of physical damage. There’s some serious potential to blow up their Vayne that keeps running away.

League of Legends Champion Sett, Skin: Sett Mecha Kingdom
Sett Mecha Kingdom – Skin Splash Art | Source: Riot Games

E, Facebreaker,

Sett's E spell icon

E, Facebreaker, makes Sett pull enemies in front of him and behind him. Affected target(s) on one side suffer(s) from a slow. If you, however, manage to grab at least one foe from both directions, all Facebreaker victims are stunned for a second instead. 

Facebreaker has a base damage of 50/80/110/140/170. The AD scaling is pretty high at 60%.

R, The Show Stopper,

Sett's R spell icon

R, The Show Stopper, is very similar to Vi’s ult, as Sett latches on a target, grabs the enemy and slams it into the ground. A victim, however, can quickly use Quicksilver Sash to avoid being grabbed. In such a case, Sett keeps moving to the impact area without the victim.

The R target is hit for 200/300/400+100% AD+40/50/60% of the target’s maximum health. Nearby enemies receive 40-100% of the damage to the primary target depending on the positioning. Every secondary target is slowed by 99% for 1.5 seconds.

Sett’s state during R is similar to Malphite’s. Enemies can deal damage and even apply crowd control (apart from displacements), but the CC effects will get to Sett only at the end of his ultimate. He also finishes the manoeuvre 200 units from the primary target. This is awkward from the finishing perspective but makes it easier to get away from other enemies.

Sett Build and Items

Build and Item order for the champion Sett. Image captured from Nemo, a desktop League of Legends assistant.
Build and Item order for the champion Sett | Source: Nemo, a desktop League of Legends assistant

As we expect Sett to be a sick Jungler, here’s a build from a EUW Master+ Jungle main Mattheos. You can replace the jungle item with a secondary item if you’re playing a different role. 

Skirmisher’s Sabre: Warrior synergizes extremely well with your passive, as the item procs off auto attacks.

Black Cleaver works nicely against other bruisers and helps you stick to the R victim after finishing the jump away from the target.

Ninja Tabi helps you stay healthy in the jungle, trade in the lane and handle annoying Marksmen.

Titanic Hydra increases your farm potential with splash damage, and clearing camps in Season 10 is important as ever

Sterak’s Gage will help you survive the CC creep. Unlike Vi, you still have to get very close before using the ultimate.

Trinity Force gives Sett extra Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction and other nice stats. 

Find this and hundreds of builds for all other champions in our desktop assistant Nemo.


As most bruisers, we’ll be going down the Precision rabbit hole. 

Best Runes for Sett - A champion in League of Legensd
Items and Build selection for the champion Sett | Source: Nemo, a desktop League of Legends assistant

Conqueror synergizes well with Sett’s passive. You only have to land 5 one-twos instead of 10 separate attacks to heal up.

Triumph is great for ganks and mid-game team fights. You can stick around for that Drake or keep fighting instead of backing off.

Legend: Tenacity is vital for getting into the E and R range.

Last Stand enables you to turn a losing 1v1 around, especially as your abilities come off cooldown for another rotation.

Magical Footwear keeps your focus on primary items.

Cosmic Insight gives a nice start bonus to all stats


  • Pay attention to Sett’s model: it starts glowing at 60% Grit
  • When facing two enemies from the same direction, look for a sneaky Flash to get between them and apply the E stun
  • Remember that E would work if your enemy is slight to the side of Sett
  • Try to position the R target between your team and yourself. This way you throw the enemy toward allies and get out safely
  • As R scales with the target’s bonus health, you can ult tanks to bring everyone else low or even kill them



When was Sett released?

Sett was added to League of Legends with Patch 10.1 on January 8, but the developers decided to enable the champion on January 14.

Which Runes are the best for Sett?

Best Runes for Sett - A champion in League of Legensd

We suggest picking Conqueror-Triumph-Legend: Tenacity-Last Stand alongside Magical Footwear-Cosmic Insight, as those synergize with his Bruiser nature and one-two auto attacks. The stats runes are Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, Armor.

What are Sett's abilities?

List of abilities for Sett, a Champion in League of Legends

His passive turns regular auto attacks into one-two combos. Q further boost his auto attacks. W releases a blast boosted by damage taken. E grabs enemies in front of and behind Sett to slow or stun them. R slams a target into the ground and damages nearby enemies.

Who is Sett’s voice actor?

For English-language audiences, Sett was voiced by Xander Mobus. Xander’s previous works include the announcer in Super Smash Bros. series and Joker in Persona 5. The Japanese voice of Sett is Takehito Koyasu (Dio from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure). This qualifies as a JoJo reference.

by Denis Matusovskiy
January 14, 2020


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