NA LCS Rosters in 2020 - Teams and Roster Changes

All teams in the LCS have opted for a roster change (or four). Also, Evil Geniuses bought out Echo Fox’s spot.

LCS 2020: Schedule, Format, Roster Changes

LCS in 2020 is divided into two splits. The playoffs format has been revamped also, find out about roster changes in LCS.

Clash 2020 — everything we know so far

Here is everything about Clash in League of Legends. Here’s how to manage everyone’s expectations and enjoy Clash no matter the result.

KDA in League of Legends — how important is it?

KDA is often used for bragging rights in the post-game lobby, but is it a good measure of one’s skill and/or impact? Well, the short answer would be that it works only one way.

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