Soraka Top - Patch 10.3 -Build, Runes, Tips & Tricks

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Soraka top saw the light of day about a month into Season 10. It’s no surprise that players are looking for cheesy picks. One of them turned out to be Soraka in the top lane, although she appears to be strong to matter what. A win rate of 57% is hardly a laughing matter!

Soraka Top Build

Soraka Top Build by Nemo
Soraka Top | Source: Nemo

Looking at items, you’re basing playing a second Support. Soraka Top is similar to chilling in the bottom lane except you get to earn more gold. The end goal, however, is the same: you want to heal harder than they hit. As the game unfolds, consider Shurelya’s Reverie and Mikael’s Crucible as alternative Utility items and see whether Spirit Visage would work better than Zhonya’s Hourglass. You could also download our desktop assistant to have six main items and six alternative items highlighted in the in-game shop each game.

Summoner spells are not as straightforward. You want Flash, but Barrier is generally a better second option than Teleport. You shouldn’t be poked out of the lane, and TP ganks with Soraka sound dubious at best. On the other hand, Barrier will keep you safe during the laning stage and buy you some time under focus in team fights.

Soraka Top Runes

Runes and Keystones for Soraka Top in Patch 10.3.
Soraka Top Runes for Patch 10.3. | Source: League of Legends

Just like Support Soraka, you stick to the Sorcery tree.

Summon Aery is a rune that balances both attacking and protecting. As Soraka, you will be doing both.

Manaflow Band allows you to scale in mid-game more aggressively. It is complemented by Athene’s Unholy Grail as your first complete item.

Transcendence fits solo lane Soraka incredibly well because it won’t take you long to get Level 10. Besides, your Support itemization may actually get you above 40% of Cooldown Reduction, and this rune makes sure the extra numbers are not wasted.

Scorch is all about the nasty Q poke. The rune’s cooldown is 10 seconds while Level 1 Q takes 8 seconds to recharge, so you won’t feel out of sync. 

Bone Plating would protect you from Top champions that can all-in by themselves. Alternatively, take Second Wind to handle poking opponents.

Revitalize emphasizes supporting nature. You won’t benefit much from it until after the laning stage, but this is more or less the same for all options in this lot.

Soraka Top Tips

Soraka Top has a noticeably different playstyle in the laning stage, as you have to stand your ground in a 1v1 lane.

  • Don’t overcommit trying to win the lane. Unless the opponent is having a poor match, that shouldn’t be happening
  • Focus on losing the lane gracefully: don’t die (preferably at all) and keep the turret alive
  • Use Q to last hits minions as well as keep the lane from under your turret. 
  • Q is a solid detection tool to see whether enemies are doing Rift Herald
  • As Q gives you movement speed when landed on an enemy champion, use that to get away from ganks 
  • Later in the laning stage, you should be quite safe from 1v1 deaths. Instead of clutching to your ultimate, use it to help allies in other lanes
  • Encourage your team to seize mid-game advantages and finish the game. Soraka Top’s strength lies in getting more utility items than designed by Riot, but that advantage fades come late game

Just like with the unorthodox AD Ahri, remember to practice in Normals! People won’t appreciate you feeding in Ranked, and losing LP hurts as ever with the harsh reset before Season 10. Also, remember that Soraka Top will be nerfed pretty hard in Patch 10.4, so you may want to avoid playing this build after February 19.


Is Soraka Top good?

Soraka Top cheats the game economy by farming in the lane and getting more gold for her support items than intended. This is very good, and the champion is able to hold her own at least before Patch 10.4.

Is Soraka Top OP?

As of the beginning of Season 10, Soraka Top is OP. She peaked at about 57% win rate in Top, which is outrageous for any lane and is generally unhealthy.

Who counters Soraka Top?

As pointed out by Shakarez, neutralizing Soraka Top is about picking a champion who can get just as mobile. Irelia, Kled, or Darius with Ghost+Flash are all solid options.

by Denis Matusovskiy
February 04, 2020


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