League of Legends Season 10 Rewards: Victorious Skin, Chroma, Borders

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With Patch 10.19, Riot Games have revealed most of the Season 10 Rewards in League of Legends. This year, we are getting much more than a victorious skin and the border. Here it comes.

League Season 10 Rewards: Breakdown Per Rank

Here are the screenshots that expand on ranked tiers with milestone rewards. Find the full list under the screenshots.

Iron–Silver League Season 10 Rewards
Iron–Silver Rewards
Gold League Season 10 Rewards
Gold Rewards
Platinum–Grandmaster League Season 10 Rewards
Platinum–Grandmaster Rewards
Challenger League Season 10 Rewards
Challenger Rewards

Iron Rewards

  • Eternal Series 1
  • Iron Icon
  • Iron Banner Trim

Bronze Rewards

  • Eternal Series 1
  • Bronze Icon
  • Bronze Banner Trim

Silver Rewards

  • Eternal Series 1
  • Silver Icon
  • Silver Banner Trim
  • Silver Border

Gold Rewards

  • Eternal Series 1
  • Gold Icon
  • Gold Banner Trim
  • Gold Border
  • Victorious Skin (+Champion)

Platinum Rewards

  • Eternal Series 1
  • Platinum Icon
  • Platinum Banner Trim
  • Platinum Border
  • Victorious Skin (+Champion)
  • Victorious Chroma

Diamond Rewards

  • Eternal Series 1
  • Diamond Icon
  • Diamond Banner Trim
  • Diamond Border
  • Victorious Skin (+Champion)
  • Victorious Chroma

Master Rewards

  • Eternal Series 1
  • Master Icon
  • Master Banner Trim
  • Master Border
  • Victorious Skin (+Champion)
  • Victorious Chroma

Grandmaster Rewards

  • Eternal Series 1
  • Grandmaster Icon
  • Grandmaster Banner Trim
  • Grandmaster Border
  • Victorious Skin (+Champion)
  • Victorious Chroma

Challenger Rewards

  • Eternal Series 1
  • Challenger Icon
  • Challenger Banner Trim
  • Challenger Border
  • Victorious Skin (+Champion)
  • Victorious Chroma
  • Challenger Recall

League Season 10 Rewards: Victorious Skin

Victorious skins are generally awarded at the end of the season to players who reached Gold. For example, last year Riot Games came up with Victorious Aatrox skin. Hitting Gold in either Solo Queue of Flex Queue is enough to get the reward. 

Riot Games is yet to announce the Season 10 Victorious skin. This does not come as a surprise, since the reveal usually takes place in mid- to late October. It ties the news to the end of the season while also not distracting people from all the Worlds hype. We do know that champions for victorious skins are picked early in the season so you can try guessing an impactful champion from spring. My money is split between Aphelios, Syndra, and Senna.

League Season 10 Rewards: Borders

Ranked borders illustrate your competitive success over the previous season. They are displayed on the loading screen. The border shows your rank for that particular queue, not the best rank across all ranked queues. Also, only your allies can see the ranked borders, not your enemies.

Similar to previous seasons, borders are only available to players that reached Silver or higher. If that didn’t happen, you will not have the border around the champion portrait on the loading screen. If you reached Platinum in Solo Queue but did not play Flex Queue, there will be no border in Flex Queue either. 

Border design is revealed rather late in the season, even later than the victorious skin’s design. Unless something groundbreaking happens, these borders will simply be a tint of the rank’s “color” (Gold, Platinum, etc.). Some additional elements to illustrate your Division (Gold II vs Gold IV) have also been used in the past few years.

Season 2019 Borders

League Season 10 Rewards: Chroma

Chromas have been part of seasonal rewards since 2017. Victorious Graves and Victorious Orianna came with individual Chromas per each queue where you finished in Gold and above. Victorious Aatrox came with only one Chroma, and it was the reward for hitting Gold in both Solo Queue and Flex Queue. 

In Season 10, a Victorious skin chroma becomes a truly elite reward. Only players who finish the season in Platinum and above will claim the chroma. This is the first time a skin-related reward is gated behind anything higher than Gold. The difference is enormous. As we pointed out before, roughly a third of the Ranked population are gold and above, but less than 10% make it to Platinum. 

2019’s Victorious Skin was Aatrox

It’s currently unclear whether there will be one or two chromas for the Season 10 Victorious skin. If last year is any indication, we will probably have only one option. In that case, I would expect it to be awarded for hitting Platinum in Solo Queue with its healthier matchmaking and lower impact of premade parties.

League Season 10 Rewards: Eternals

Eternals were added to League of Legends during Season 10, so it is no surprise that they are a new seasonal reward. Just like a ranked icon, Eternals will be granted to everyone who finished Season 10 with a rank. We do not know what this eternal will be tracking or whether it will pick up the stats from your games over the past season. It could very well be a random Series 1 Eternal.

League Season 10 Rewards: Recall

The Challenger recall animation was introduced to League of Legends last season. Players that currently have the Challenger rank have golden particles around their champions in all normal games as well as the ranked queue where they reached the top rank. The elite list updates daily.

Seeing the Challenger recall listed as a seasonal reward is bizarre, since it breaks the daily ladder update pattern. My assumption is that people who are Challengers when the season ends will keep their recall until after the Preseason. Alternatively, Riot may create an alternative version of the Challenger recall that would differ from the recall you get after the daily cutoff.

What are the Season 10 rewards in League?

The usual things are icons for everyone, borders for Silver+, and a Victorious skin for Gold and higher. The new rewards include an Series 1 Eternal for everyone, a Chroma for the Victorious Skin (Platinum)+, and the Challenger Recall.

Who will get the Season 10 Victorious skin?

The champion will be revealed in the mid- to late October. Riot locks their choice early in the season so Aphelios, Senna, Syndra are all solid guesses.

When does the Season 10 end?

It will happen some time in November. The exact date has not been published yet.


by Denis Matusovskiy
September 16, 2020


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