League of Legends Patch Notes — Patch 11.4 Preview (Devastating Samira Nerfs, Jungle Changes)

Patch 11.4 destroys Samira and makes Jungle a bit less influential than earlier in Season 11. A few items and champions in various roles are getting tweaked as well.

Not just Kai’Sa: What Do the Pros Pick in Season 11?

As is tradition, the competitive Season 11 starts with pros finding individual overpowered champions and sticking to them. This year’s darling is Kai’Sa, but there are a few more pick & ban trends to look at.

How Therapy Helps Win Esports Tournaments

For some 15 years, esports athletes have been very reluctant about bringing any support staff. A Manager would be good only for takeout deliveries, coaches surely don’t know the game better than players do, and don’t get me started on analysts. Between the general stigma and the male teen-dominated environment, there was practically no demand for psychologists in esports. Luckily, that is no longer the case.

League of Legends Patch Notes — Patch 11.3 Preview (Item Healing Nerfs, AP Shyvana Buffs)

Much like the previous one, Patch 11.3 addresses a frustrating meta shift from the Preseason. This time, Riot Games are lowering the amount of healing gained by items. There are quite a few interesting champion buffs and nerfs as well, including an odd boost to Ability Power Shyvana.

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